Lessons through... David Duchovny??

I know this may seem really funny at first, but I'm being VERY serious! Haha okay not THAT serious but more than usual.
While watching X-files (which we do a LOT. Currently on season 7), I was thinking about Mulder. He's searching for the truth, that is the purpose of his career.... of... everything! I felt horrible for him. He'd been lied to so many times. People tell him that one thing is the truth, then he finds out they were lying. Then he finds out some "secret" piece of information that somewhat soothed his desire for truth, and then he again finds out that is was not true. I know this might all sound "uber nerd" dorky! But I put myself in his shoes. If I was searching for truth and everything I thought and hoped to be true ended up being fake. And when the time comes when he does find the truth, there isn't really anything to hold on to. Nothing to satisfy his search.
While taking that mental walk in his shoes, I realized how grateful I am for TRUTH. The gospel. There seems to be such a lack of truth and tons of people are searching for it. A lot of things fall through.
It made me realize how nice it is to be going through life, knowing this truth. The gospel brings so much peace in my life. It give me confidence, hope, and so much more. It clears my head so I can take another look around my life when I need one, and refocus on what I need to do in order to become the person I want to be.
I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I am so grateful that Christ died for us, but more importantly that he rose 3 days later. That one day I will live again and be with my family forever. That is some of the best truth I could ever think of. :)
p.s. I found TWO grey hairs in my 20-year old head!!! AH! This also made me grateful for the Resurrection! Do I look old??
p.s.s. Please, no comments on how x-files nerdy I am haha!
"He is risen"
Random bridals picture, by Mikey Dominici

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