Hello all!
Today started off really rough, but definitely got better, (food tends to make things better.)
Seeing as I have no job (that is until June 13th! :D), I wake up every morning and... do nothing. Okay, I CLEAN.... so ya, I do nothing haha. I only have a few more things to clean though! I got the fridge done except for the drawers, I need to finish putting things away in the bathroom and then clean the toitey and the shower, THEN its all organizing from there.
So this morning I HARDLY felt like cleaning again. It took a while to get my feet under me and to do my morning ritual of getting ready for the day, but after that I felt great! I turned on Gone With The Wind and cleaned. Then whilst buying things for a craft I'm doing online, I came across a LOVELY recipe on my tumblr!  Here it is. Creamy Caprese Pasta! Mine did not look as good as the picture but.... does it ever? Haha. It tasted wonderful though!
Anywho, now I've come across a NEW no bake cookie recipe... BUT it doesn't look like the typical no-bake cookie! Check It Out! So... That is next up on the menu. (don't put raisins in it, please. put chocolate chips.)
 So now that my tummy is FULL and I am in a better mood :D, I shall watch X-Files.
On the agenda tomorrow, cleaning. Suprise suprise!
Oh and good news! That baby blog I'm obsessed with, well she had her BABY! YAY! Its probably not that cool to you, but I am excited. Haha!
ALSO ALSO, on Friday I am going to Orem for the day to play with my family, and I'll be buying some Macro filters for my camera! Woot!
Alaskan Cruise photos to come.
See ya!
"Sometimes, people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are."
Markus Zusak (I Am the Messenger)

I have been looking for that quote since before I was BORN! Thank you Markus, who ever you are.

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