Fausett Family Reunion

This past weekend we went up to Huntington Canyon where we have the Fausett Reunion every summer. I love going there! It is so relaxing and pretty and there is always good food!
I got a few pictures from it, not many good ones though. I wish we could get one of everyone together! Maybe next year :)

Also! I am sitting on my couch right now, rather than being at work because..... dun dun dun dun! I have shingles! I'm not sure if this is really something you should announce. But I think only my family reads my blog anyways haha! So its okay!
I got back from camping with a rash and bumps on my back. They started LOOKING better but started hurting really bad! So last night we went to the InstaCare, and found out I have shingles. Normally you get them when you are older, like 50+, which makes me feel nice. Haha. Anyways, I will return to work on Tuesday, they gave me time for.... if you have a strong imagination and weak tummy dont read this... for my blisters to pop and start scabbing. Woof!!! Hopefully they are less painful by that time!
Well until next time, google nasty pictures of Shingles, and have a nice day!
p.s. its not contagious unless you are exposed to a broken blister... and most dont pop AND they are under my clothes. I'm quite harmless really! The doctor said so :)

"The weak find an excuse, the strong find a way."
Dr. Leo Martello

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Kayla said...

Min!!! I feel so bad! I didn't know. are you okay!?!?!