What the summer!

Hey all!
I have not posted anything for a LONG time!... and the last post was a recipe.. so that should not even count. Sorry!
Let me tell you a bit about our summer!
Shane is working at Camp Williams, working with plants and soils and such.
I am working at Sandy Rec Center running a day camp (3 hours? is that considered a day camp?) for 3-5 year olds. Have you ever been inside a raquetball court with 15, 3-5 year olds?... ya.

We have been doing lots of things it seems like!
1. Trying to keep our house clean, I'm not very good at this.
2. Went to summer fest in Orem.
3. Gone camping, a lot.
4. Went fishing for 8 hours, didnt catch anything. Its fine. haha
5. Been with family :)
Much more.
One of our trips included bear lake! It was really fun!
I'm not going to try and make a cool collage out of all these pictures, so its just going to be a long post. K cool!
Bear(d) Lake!

 Matt Baugh

 Shane said I could post this if I censored it.

 If you are ever at Bear Lake, go to The Bear Cave. Hmmm... so yummy!
We had lots of fun there! We went and hung out with Matt Baugh and his family, Shane, Karl, and I slept in tents on their front lawn haha! it was cool.

When we are home, Shane LOVES to play with Tom.

Today we made Elk roast, mashed potatoes, rolls, and happiness. Karl, Matt and Sarah came over and devoured it with us! Then after slurping down 2 Creamies (:D) we played a nice game of WACKEE 6! If you don't have it, get it!
 My nutella plants (from forever ago) have blossomed... although I dont know if they grew properly :) but thats fine!
 I finished these 2 pillows I also started making months ago.
 This is often how my front room is used. I like it :)
 Also, I inherited an awesome ottoman from my grandpa! It was me taking it, or to the DI so naturally I took it! I used to sit on this, when me, Janae, and Danica would get pushed off the couches by the older cousins. Haha. We've been long time friends.
Now, we are substitute home-owners while Shane's parents go out to Wisconsin to help Ashley when she has her baby! :D I can't wait to get a picture of the lovely child!
Speaking of babies! I never posted a picture of Jaime and Peter's adorable babies!

I also have a new way of taking care of my hair! Thanks to my cousin Zoey's blog post about Curly Girl's techniques. I don't shampoo my hair! I just condition it and rub it really well into my scalp with my finger tips, then rinse and put a leave in conditioner. Then I dry it with a t-shirt. Its really nice! It keeps my real curls without making it frizzy and frustrating! So... thats nice!

This coming week is the ......... oh wait... there are 2 things this weekend....
1. Harry Potter part 2 comes out!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!!!!!!! YES MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!!!!
2. Fausett Family reunion!!! WOO!!!!!
Now, dont get me wrong. But.... uh... WHO in the WORLD plans a family reunion over the LAST Harry Potter Movie??? Ya... I dunno. Whoever it was, there may be some consequences. (Hopefully my mom wasn't the culprit.)
Anyways, we'll be going do ter Price to see it the next day it comes out. Do you think they will have it in the Price movie theater? Do people in Price like Harry Potter?? I dunno! I guess we'll find out!
But I really am so excited for my reunion! :D I look forward to it ever year!

At the beginning of August we can start looking for houses/apartments/duplexes in Logan! We're trying to find a more homey comfy place that we can stay for the remainder of our school time in Logan. Why you may ask? Because moving is STINKY! That is why!
I am very excited. I've been looking for housing all summer... for no reason. Because all the places I look at will be taken by the time we get there. Haha. Its kinda an addiction.

I think next time I will fill you in on my future dreams for a home! :D Bye all!

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