Trees, no pink, and packing.

Well as most of you know, WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!! Yay! It took forever for the ultrasound lady to be able to tell, cause baby had her legs curled up right under her bum. Here are 2 pictures from the ultrasound, but they are just of her head cause I feel weird putting her bum on the internet :D haha.
 This is her drama queen picture, with her hand up to her forhead.
And here she is putting an "L" up to her head. I think we have a sassy child on our hands.

In the past few days I've been asked a few times what color theme our nursery is. Everytime I'm asked that I'm like "uh... are we supposed to have a color theme?" So this is what I told them, "I don't want pink" haha! I know the baby is a girl, but I don't really like pink. I have probably one shirt that has pink on it. And purple is a girl color too! Also, we are doing a Tree Theme for the nursury... don't ask how we have a object theme but not a color theme. So trees, and no pink. I already know that I'm going to get tons of pink from a lot of people, but I'm just trying to limit it. Also it doesn't even have to have purple on it! Green and yellow are cool too!
I did some cool designs on a couple onsies! I'm really proud of myself! haha.
I only took pictures of one of them though. "The Shins" onsie! The "the" lettering looks kinda rough, but I had better luck with the "shins", then on the front I did a sun and some hills. I did the sun and hills because I THOUGHT thats what was on the cover of one of the albums... there are hills... but no sun haha just some yellow thing I didn't look at close enough.

In ONE week school starts! AH!!! So right now I am packing. It looks scary in here haha. I've got the picture frames taken care of, and I have lots of laundry to get through the wash. I'm excited to go back to Logan but I'll miss it here too, along with missing summer. School snuck up really fast! I usually like to get folders for each class and decorate them and fun stuff like that haha! But I'll just find time to do that next week. I'm taking a math class, "natural disasters", "abuse and neglect in family context", and some other class that has "family" in it! I'm pretty excited, even though abuse and neglect sounds like a sad class. Anyways, when this next semester is over, I'll be due in a MONTH! WOW!
Shane and I are SUPER excited for fall and winter weather! I love sweaters, crunchy leaves, blankets, USU campus in the fall, corn mazes, fog in the cemetery across the street, carmel apples, scarves, boots, and Shane LOVES hot apple cider! P.s. I'm looking for a really good recipe for hot apple cider! Let me know if you have one!
Well its been nice to talk! I'll write when we've moved in, and hopefully have pictures of the apartmento!
The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.
Marjorie Pay Hinckley


Miss Jenna said...

That sounds like a cute theme! Layla has a big tree on the wall in her room & it's surrounded by tiny flowers & woodland creatures!
I love the onesie you made! Your baby already has great taste in music!

Kayla said...

Cute Onesie min!!! you are so creative! I bet shane loves that onesie the best. and I love baby girl already!! tree theme would be cute. I'll send you a link to a really cute nursery I saw on a friends blog. It had a tree on the wall.