Blessing weekend.

Taegan was blessed on Sunday by her amazing daddy, Shane.
Here she is in her little blessing dress. This is the dress that Kayla, Nae and I were all blessed in. I thought that was really special :)

Her lips were really chapped that day...

We had a really fun weekend all around. We went to our friends surprise birthday party. It was our friend Jadie's husband, and luckily she snapped this gem of a picture for us.
Shane with his 2 friends, Karl and Matt. Haha... so nice.

 Oh! This is my friend Kaydee, her baby Ella was blessed the same day! :) cute. Ella's hair is so awesome!
We had a fun time being crazy with Lizzy and Robyn while Jaime was at the store.

Bath time!
Hope you enjoyed the millions of photos.
See ya!

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rplaizier said...

What a cute baby! I will see her, soon!!