Crib and a little bit of Italy!

So, we begin the bittersweet journey of trying to get Taegan to sleep in her crib. It will be so sad to not have her right next to me. But... it will be nice to not wake up to every tiny sound she makes, haha. And today our journey began with her actually taking a nap in her crib. She usually just wakes up and cries when we set her in there. It took a while but eventually she slept for an hour :)

Ignore the clothes that are strewn about. She loves her mobile (Thanks aunt Kayla!) and her super cute sheets and crib! (thank you Hill sisters and Rae and Anthony!)
It was a fun day.

We also decided to spice up our bathroom a little bit. We choose to go with an Italian theme, because who wouldn't want to take a tiny trip to Italy while on the pot?! Am I right?!

Here are the pictures (up close). Shane took these while on his mission.

I am also proud to announce that I used one of the crates I bought forever ago! TA-DA!!!
(oh my! so rustic right??)
I made it all fancy and everything!

Next time I will update about Taegan's blessing day :) it was so wonderful, but all the pictures are on the other camera, haha.
Bye from our tiny family!

Okay bye!


Kayla said...

BABY TAE I LOVE YOU!! I'm so proud that she slept in her crib! I'm sure it's gonna take a while for her to get adjusted, but I'm sure she'll be sleeping full time in her crib soon! stay strong mama min! I'm so glad she likes her mobile! The moment I saw it I knew it was for you (and baby). Love the crate, you are so creative!! I can't wait to see all the pics you took from the blessing day

gratefulmo said...

So CUTE! Thanks for sharing. Hey if you guys ever take a trip to Italy invite the Hatch's. It'd be a party.