Tiny... bah. I should just change it to Tiny Wednesday. Haha.
Well my Tiny, you are asleep for the night. You're such a good sleeper, (at night). In the morning we can hear you yelling from your crib. It's not crying, and usually doesn't sound angry. You just yell, like you're trying to say, "HEY! I'm done sleeping! You can come get me now!" When we go in there and peek over your crib you flash the biggest grin! It's so adorable :). Then we bring you into our room where we play with you for a while, and enjoy your smiles and coos. I change your diaper, put your binky in, and then you conk out for another 2-3 hours. You get pretty mad when you get tired, haha. It's usually pretty funny. Then all of the sudden you just zonk out! The other night you were pretty upset and tired and I was just holding you, trying to soothe you. Then, in mid cry you just passed out! I walked into the front room and mouthed to your Daddy, "is she asleep?!" he nodded and said "yes."
We snuggle a lot :) and I usually take your morning nap with you. When Daddy and I start going to bed earlier then hopefully I'll be a good grown up mom and get ready and clean during your morning naps. But until then, I would like to snuggle and nap with you.
Next week we're moving to Grandma and Grandpa Hill's house! We'll get to see all our grandparents and aunts and uncles a lot more while we are there. It will be an adventurous Summer with you Tiny.
I love you Tiny. Sleep tight.
Love Mommy.

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