Tiny Wednesday 06/20/2012

I have a lot to do... but I figured that missing 2 posts to Tiny in a row would be pretty lame of me. So here goes!

Hey my tiny Tiny :)
You are getting SO big and SO smart! You roll over ALL the time! You still tend to get mad after you do it because you realize you are stuck and you get bored, but you are slowly learning to kinda scoot and grab at toys. You roll so much it's funny AND scary! I'm not going to be able to let you nap on my bed anymore. The other day I left you under your mobil toy to play and I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my hair. THEN... all of the sudden my music turned off from the living room. I walked in there and you had rolled over to my computer and turned it off with your FOOT! Haha, I loved that. It really got my laughing. Then today when I heard you making noise after your nap, I went into my room to get you and you had rolled over and were lost in the blankets, haha! Then I helped you get out and your face was so adorable when you saw me. Ah. I love you.
You are starting to scoot and you press your face into the ground and press up on your feet so you are like a tent. You realize that you don't like that and flop down. It seems like you will be crawling soon! AH! Then I will have to vacuum :). My favorite face you make is your duck lips and you blow spit out.  I can hear you doing that in the back of the car when I'm driving.

I wanted to share something with you. A friend of mine passed away last week. I hadn't seen this friend for a few years, since I moved to college. But we worked together and he was in my home stake. When I heard that he had passed... it took me a few minutes to snap out of the trance I was in. It's always hard to hear. Luckily we belong to a wonderful Gospel, the true Gospel. With that comes peace and a knowledge that we will once again see our friends and family who have passed on. Even though it is still hard, there can always be peace in our mind. But we need to appreciate life.
I just wanted to tell you that everyday is so wonderful. We have so much life to live!!! Everyone gets caught up in life and sometimes forget how great it is, but it is really truly so wonderful. I want to teach you to have great love and respect for life. It seems like nowadays, especially in shows and games (videogames, bah!), that they undermine the importance of life. Everyone is SO incredibly different, which obviously can cause problems. But it's so wonderful for everyone to be so different. Everyone you meet has a family, a job, friends, a past, favorite memories, favorite places to eat. Everyone has been hurt AND laughed so hard that they cried. Each persons life is so beautiful. I hope I can teach you to see that in your life and in others.
Also, I can't wait for you to meet Grandma Fausett, Grandpa Goodrich, Great Grandma and Grandpa Starich... oh the list is endless. We are so blessed Tae. And you are such a beautiful girl.
I hope all this made sense... it seems like I have wonderful things in my head... but in the path in takes to come out of my mouth, things get all messed up, haha.
I love you.
Here are some pictures of your endless cuteness.
Love Mommy.
 (our family pictures were taken by Jadie. She is amazing and her blog is on my blog list on the right :))

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