6 months! Tiny Tuesday.... on Monday

On Friday we went to Logan for Tae's 6 month check up. 
Weight 17.1 lbs - 80%
Height- 70%
Head measurement- 85%

Tae, you can sit up like a champ! You still topple over but usually don't cry when you do. You are so funny :) You smile a ton, and you started doing this cute scrunchy nose smile that makes me laugh so hard! You are allowed to eat small table food now, so we always are giving you tastes of most everything we eat. You love to eat! 
Your nicknames? Mostly Tiny and Buns. I love calling you buns.
When you got your shots you were SO TOUGH! I was anticipating a TON of crying, especially now that you are so much more aware. But you just cried out for a second until Daddy was allowed to hold you again. Then you were good to go :)

I love you tons, my Buns. Here are some adorbs pictures of you.
Love Mommy.

You also recently discovered how much fun it is to play in laundry baskets.

 A trip to the Willow Park Zoo!
You were looking at some monkeys in this one.
 Just to the left of this picture there was a momma peacock sitting on her nest of eggs, it was so cute!

 Here you are with Daddio with a Golden Eagle.
 So hip.

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Kayla said...

Miss Tae, Aunt Kay misses you! I love all these pictures, she's so adorable.