Tiny Tuesday.

Hey Tiny :)
Yesterday we had a lot of fun.
While you were taking a nap a sudden burst of wind ripped through the window. It flipped the blinds and sent raindrops all over the bed. It woke you up with a cry of fear, but when you looked outside the window after I pulled the blinds and closed the window, you were mesmerized. The rain patting against the window pulled you in. You crawled over to the window and stared. It was so peaceful and lovely to be with you when you discover something new and are in awe. You make me remember the small and lovely things, like rain on a window.
You soon noticed the small pots on the windowsill. They were full of tiny pebbles and one big rock we found years ago. You started grabbing for them! You were desperate to play with them. I sat you on the  windowsill (it's really big!) and I sat right behind you. You played with the pebbles for about 20 minutes! You would rub them on the windowsill, you would grab a handful and put them in a different pot and you would hold them up to your eye, as if you'd never seen anything so shiny.
We sang about the Wise Man and the Foolish Man. We were playing with rocks AND it was raining, so it was necessary.

You have started making the most hilarious sounds! It sounds like "dada dleeeeuy! It's so adorable. I tried to catch it on video while you were in the bath.
You can crawl like a champ. You love to suck on wipes. You climb up EVERYTHING. You love to chew anything, and you bit me for the first time a few days go. When you bit into something you go crazy! You bite softly, but then you growl and bit so hard that your hands are shaking! We laugh so hard. You still grab our faces and suck when you get tired. You were standing by the hinge of our bedroom door yesterday and you started playing peek-a-boo with Dad! I have never seen you initiate your own game of peek-a-boo until that moment. You are so smart.

You love to swing and play in the grass in the backyard.
Grandma came for 3 days and stayed with us while Daddy went on a field trip for school. She bought you a tiny piece of cake so you could practice for your 1st birthday in January :)

I dressed you up in goofy clothes the other day :)

You are so adventurous, smart and healthy. What more could we ask for?
We love you.
Love Mommy and Daddy.


mandy dominici said...

So beautiful!!!

Chelsey Swanson said...

Marlyn, I so love that you do the whole tiny Tuesday posts you're such a great mom, it's such a great idea and Tae will definitely appreciate the journaling you're doing. She's such a cutie!

Kayla said...

She's so yummy!! I love all these pictures. I love her cute little chubby hand grabbing the rocks. Oh i miss her!!! and I will agree with Chelsey - Min, you are such a good mom! I seriously hope I can be like you when I have kids :) thanks for being such a great example to me!