Christmas Time is here...

I love that song, don't you?
To begin our Christmas festivities we took Taegan and her cousins to see Santa. It was Tae's first time meeting him, and I was pretty certain I would know how Tae would react, BUT I had to try despite the fact that I was sure she was going to end up crying.
It was a fun and precious moment that we can remember now, haha.
Daddy came to the rescue.

This upcoming week is FINALS WEEK! Eep. Luckily I'm only taking 1 class this semester, so my load is light. Shane's load however is pretty hefty. On Thursday, the same day that Shane has his last 2 finals, he is also leaving to go on a week and a half long trip! Really though, it's not as luxurious as it sounds. He will be trap fishing in Pyramid Lake Nevada. He will set traps in the morning and night, then go and pull fish in and cut their tummies out. It's all for science. He seems pretty excited about it, they do have pretty nasty big fish there! I'm hoping he will fulfill my wishes and take lots of pictures. If that is NOT the case I can always google "Pyramid Lake" and "a big trout" and post those...... but that would be lame.
Tae and I will be at my parents house for that time, and will await Shane's return on the 23rd of December! Just in time for Christmas. This is the only year that the "I'll be home for Christmas" song will mean anything to me.
For now, we will BASK in each others presence and try and mash in as much Christmas as we can before Thursday. 
Enjoy your Sunday :)

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