Tiny Tuesday.

Hey Tiny girl :)
We've been through the mill lately. Your little body is healing from a few things.
First you had a cold, that later turned into an ear infection, while you were simultaneously getting your second top tooth. (just so you know, you are so adorable with your bunny teeth peeking from behind your baby lips). THEN you caught a flu bug, which has been our last hurdle to jump over.
We've had lots of naps together, and shared days when neither of us wanted to get ready. Sleeping days with you are so nice.
You are now on the mend and I'm so glad. We can get moving again.
Before it snows I want to go walk Main Street with you. It's so old and dainty and I just love it. We can read books, walk through candy stores and look at our reflections in windows.
We put our Christmas tree up, and we began the journey into your first Christmas. You played with the ceramic sheep from the Nativity scene. When we turned the Christmas lights on for the first time you just poked dozens of lights with your tiny fingers. You love those lights.
I'm so ready to start setting some traditions in stone. I think your dad has the most lovely singing voice, and I KNOW we will have a tradition that includes daddy and his guitar and voice. Baking will obviously be included.
Christmas is such a magical time of year, and your dad and I are going to do our best to make it so magical for you. Part of that magic and wonder is learning about Jesus, our best friend and Brother. He loves you, and we will teach you about him.
Sleep tight Tiny, and we will play tomorrow.
Love Momma.


Cavanaughs said...

Min that is the cutest picture! Glad you are all feeling better

braids said...

Me too! We need to talk sleep training. I am the most forgetful person in the world.