Flour and toting.

Our adventures have been very messy as of late.
We've been letting you try and feed yourself. You usually just like to dump the bowl or plate and then eat off your tray... oh well. We're getting there. Plus you look really cute with food all over your face.
Last week we pulled out a bunch of flour and tiny cupcake cups. You LOVED IT!
You would grab a handful and throw it all over the floor. Then you would dust it with your hand. You were so fascinated. It was adorable to watch you open and close your hand, so curious about what was on your hands. Then you would lick it and give me a great curious/disgusted face. We need to do this again soon.

You are close to mastering walking. You love to just WALK! You will just walk around, room to room, with no interest in anything but getting around the house.
You are a toter. (Is that a word?)
You love to carry the lotion, wooden spoons, and the remotes. You take them on your destination-less walks. Totes.

We also went sledding with our friends for your first time! It was so cold (5 degrees) that it didn't last long. We took you down once, and you decided you were done. I was too cause it was COLD! We're going to go again this weekend at GG's house.

You are so much fun. We play all day. You still love to read. If I'm not reading fast enough you just give up and bring me another book, and so on and so forth. You love string cheese and yogurt balls. You can drink cows milk now, and you can enjoy a good pb&j.
I love you.
You are begging me to play, so lets go!

"Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing worth knowing can be taught." - Oscar Wilde