Tiny Tuesday.

It's Tuesday, and you are still my Tiny.

We are just healing from the sickies. You still like to sleep and snuggle a lot.
You have mastered climbing onto our little leather ottoman, which scares me to death.
You know how to get off things and go down stairs.
Your newest fav is pulling out all of the crayons you got for your birthday out of the box. That's it! You just love to do that.
We read books and if you know where we have the same object you point to it, say "eh!" and look at us. "YES! We have pinecones too!" "Yep! There's our crayons, just like in the book!"
You love reading and touching people's faces. We love when you touch our faces, but.... outside of the house it's not a favorite. We are in the process of learning that.
When you pick up a book if you can't figure out how to get it right side up, or it is stuck you do this scratchy scream, and it's loud!!!
You love to bite toes and give kisses, which are really just licks on the mouth.
We love you.
Let's cuddle.



Mekenzie @ interiorsbykenz.com said...

She has so much hair, just like her cute mama

Kayla said...

omgosh i miss her so much! Tae buns, don't pick your nose!! she is such a beauty. I love you both! really wishing we could facetime! maybe some time soon! ;)

Montana Brian said...

Your baby is seriously such a beauty! So glad to have found your blog! XO