Rocking chairs, glasses, and jelly beans.

We are staying at GG's house for a week. Daddy works at Camp Williams during the day, and in a few days he will go on a school trip. Today we just hung out with GG. She took us to Wendy's, and then Smiths, Sprouts, and Animal Ark! As expected, you yelled and laughed at all the puppies. They were so adorable. You would try and get the guts up to poke the glass of the fish tank, but would giggle and turn back around. So I poked the glass for you. It was a fun day, and it's getting warmer outside! This morning GG helped you climb onto the rocking chair, and you had your first solo rocking session.

You spent quite a while on there, rocking back and forth. You were pretty proud of yourself.

You also love glasses. It seems like most of the time you don't notice that people have them on, like it's just part of their face. But once you realize that they can come off, you WANT them.
GG let you wear hers.
She would put them on you, you would look around with your big crooked smile and then take them off. You did this over and over again.
I think you look adorable with glasses! Definitely a glasses person!

Just a few hours ago we were getting you ready for bed. We gathered together for scripture study and prayer. I had just brushed your teeth, and you were sitting on GG's lap listening to Daddy read his verses. I looked over and GG had been sneaking jelly beans into your mouth. I caught her!
We make eye contact and both smiled and laughed a bit. GG loves you and loves to spoil you.

Well Tiny, it's been a long day. I want to come snuggle with you and Daddy.
Sleep tight buns.
Love, Mommy.


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