Stacking and Yogurt.

Things have been busy here.
Dad and I are looking for jobs, places to live, and some peace that we can grasp onto until we find what we are looking for.
We pray lots, and you fold your arms with us.

We've still been making plenty of time for fun!
We spent almost all of yesterday outside. You love to swing. There is a frog toy in the back that has a giant spring on the bottom. You are scared of it, but you love to get the guts up to poke it and run away and laugh.
You've got guts kid.

I want you to know something.
You are smart.
Last night you were stacking your rings without ANY help!
After each ring you would put your hands under your chin and squeal and look at us. You are so proud of yourself, and love to see our faces light up each time you stack one little ring.
I want you to remember that you are smart, and you should be proud of yourself. Not PROUD. Proud of yourself.
Most times, only things that are hard to do make you happy. For now it's stacking wooden rings. Someday it will be something amazing, incredible, and probably very emotionally trying.
But remember this part, in the end, it's always worth it.

(random photos of you rummaging through the bathroom)

You love to "organize" things. You take things in, out, in and out again. You imitate me by putting clothes you find in baskets, rocking your babies, and putting things in the garbage can, even if they don't belong there.
You love to take advantage of the open fridge when we are cooking.
You've been taking out the yogurt cups, carefully setting them on the floor in the front room, and playing with them for around an hour.
You distribute them, some on your right, some in-between your legs, and some on your left. You keep moving them around, like you are trying to find the perfect combination. Then you stack them like blocks while squatting.
You are adorable.
Can't wait to see you in the morning.
Love Mommy.

p.s. your first molar has broken through!



Kelsey said...

This is really sweet! I've been a slacker and haven't written a letter to my girl for a while. I hope Sadee remembers she is smart and that life is still good through hard things. This is so special!

P.S. The swimming teacher on my blog, her name is Pam. She is my mother-in-law and has been a swimming teacher for 27 years. She probably did teach you swimming when you were a wee baby. Luckily for us, we call her Nana :)

braids said...

Haha! That is soooo funny! I loved her. I remember we went to this giant house for lessons. Was that her house? We seriously love her. Maybe i can sign Tae up for lessons from her if we are down there this summer!