Walks and a doll.

Hey Tae.
It's been a long and very cold winter. We've had plenty of snow, but not very good temperatures for playing in it.
Luckily, things are warming up.
On warm(ish) days we go for walks, especially if it's sunny!
It feel so good to have the sun on my face and just watch you walk around for the first time in the (almost) spring.
I'm antsy for flowers, green grass and rain puddles.
But for now we will continue to enjoy half melted snow piles and cute red noses.
Let's see how you are growing...
 Yelling at birds.

 Ever since we took you off your binky and bottle you've become more cuddly in every way possible. You cuddle up with blankets and you love love love to give long hugs. My favorite part is that you actually like to cuddle with your dolls. You only have 2 dolls, one I made you and your "doggy baby" cabbage patch doll. But you hold them up to your cheek and smile. You hold them and rock back and forth. I'm excited to get a baby stroller and a cradle for you to take full care of your babes. You are really starting to copy what you see, and I love it.

Your hair is getting SO long and it gets curlier every day.
You love to look at animals. You point to them in books and say "EH!?". We tell you what the name is and make the sound. Your eyes glow and you smile as you try to imitate the sound. You're getting closer.
You adore playing Ring Around the Rosie with anyone that has two fingers to hold. You could play all afternoon, but I get dizzy and sick before that happens.
You know how to stomp your feet when you dance, so we spend a good amount of time doing that and bobbing our heads.
You laugh a LOT! You smile non-stop. You are our sunshine.
Love you, Mommy.

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Mekenzie @ interiorsbykenz.com said...

You have made the world's best child. I'm positive of it. She is amazing, just like you! I LOVVVVE that picture of her yelling at the birds.