Easter and animals.

Hey Tae baby.
It's been a while since we've posted. We've been out in the sun the past week.
Going to campus, swinging in the backyard, going on walks. It's been fun!
It rained today, I think that's why I've actually had/made the time to edit and write.

Easter was two Sundays ago. We had both traditional easter egg hunts at both your grandparents houses. It was fun to watch you walk around and bend over to collect your treats. Not to mention you looked adorable in your easter dress.

 This is your easter dress from GG.

 This is the purse that Grandma Hill made you for easter!

 Daddy found a moth, look at your adorable face while you were staring at it in his hand.
We went to baby animal days with your cousins.

You seem to be talking and imitating more. It's hard to believe you will be talking in just a few months! We will make sure to keep reading lots of books, singing, and talking to each other. You love climbing on the futon and peeking your head over the top and watching me while I do dishes. You are so much fun.
You love swinging. Seriously. You want to swing all day long.
Tomorrow we are going to go to the Library. It's supposed to be rainy again.
I know this is a lame post... BUT we are pretty tired. We've been in a blanket mush pot since 7 p.m. its now 1:00 a.m., haha. We had a blanket mush pot for FHE. We read scriptures, prayed and watched The Goofy Movie. You LOVED the music and would start dancing like crazy.
We are tired, and you are sleeping like an angel.
We love you. Goodnight Tae.
Love Mommy

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