Tiny Tuesday. A new place.

Hey Tiny :) We've moved into GG's and Papa's basement.
The moving days were rough, but luckily Aunt Jaime had you stay at their house a lot so you could have tons of fun with your cousins while Daddy and I packed. We slept on the futon for a week, and you slept on our comfort foam mattress. We ended up just coming in to join you because your mattress was much comfier than the futon!
We miss Aunt Jaime, Uncle Peter, Lizzy, Robin and Link. Luckily they post pictures and videos a lot now, so we watch them together and you scream and laugh out loud.
Before we left we did a lot with them. We went to the tabernacle one day for a pretty Sunday walk. We went to the zoo, the crepery, and went to feed the ducks.

 This hair-do was once in an adorable perfect ponytail, haha! Your hair doesn't like to stay in anything for long. But I think it's even more adorable when it gets a little crazy :)

I love this picture I got of you and your cousins, haha. It took a ton of pictures and lots of goofing off behind the camera to try and get you girls to pay attention. We are going to Logan in July and we are going to play a lot with your cousins :)

So, now we are officially moved in! I unpacked our last box last night.
You've adjusted wonderfully!!! I was worried that your sleeping schedule would go crazy. To be honest, as long as you have your crib, you are a wonderful sleeper.
We set up a play room for you in Aunt Nae's old room, but naturally, you usually play with anything that's not a toy.
Some of your favorites is having someone hold you and open GG's china hutch and rummaging through it. Kissing all the figurines, turning on all the music boxes, and pointing to each tiny thing.
You are also a pro at pulling out all of GG's tupperware lids and her hot pads and dish towels. You choose a certain destination for all of them and take all of them there. Then you just leave them, haha, so we end up having to sing the 'clean up' song and pick them up. You actually do it sometimes.
You are on a waiting list for swimming lessons, and we have a pass of all passes, so we will be going to 7 peaks a lot this summer!
You spend a lot of time grabbing rocks from the backyard and putting them on the deck steps. You really just love to "organize".
Daddy was gone Monday- Thursday last week, and has the same schedule this week.
In fact, I just brought you into our bedroom after you woke up and you started to look for him. You didn't see him on the bed, so you pointed all around the room to check for him. You even looked under the pillows! You make me laugh. He might be able to come home for the day tomorrow, so cross your tiny fingers that happens!
You still LOVE to watch "Punzel", and you can babble like NO BODY'S business! It's loud and excited! A few times it seems like you mimic some of the words we say to you, and you are getting so close to saying the words perfectly! You have a thousand facial expressions and sounds. I don't think I've ever met a baby with so much personality.
GG gets to play with you a lot. She even takes over when I feel like I'm going to die from exhaustion, which happened yesterday for some unknown reason!

We bought you a book about colors, which is our next step since you've mastered animals and their noises.

We are going to go up for some breakfast now. Who knows if you will eat anything. I've heard that this is a picky eating stage, but you are never opposed to gummy bears.
Love, Mommy.


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