Stay sane, go outside.

This is actually a Tiny Tuesday post, but the title holds advice for other moms.
Go outside.
I'm not one to preach because I just learned this, but it really helps a ton. Obviously this is more of a problem in the winter, especially in Logan where it's so cold. But it has kept me sane the past few weeks.
I gave up my "I'm not even ready for the day" excuse, and I just shove on my boots and a hat and go out with Buns.
Do it. It makes things look and feel so much better.

Hey Buns!
This have been busy... but in a weird way.
Since I've been pregnant I've been tired (obviously...) but even more so because I have low blood pressure. It's been getting better, but at first it was so bad I would just pass out from fatigue on the couch and say a prayer that you wouldn't get into anything dangerous. And we would watch a lot of shows.
So... I've felt like a pretty lame mom the past few months.
Luckily you've been such a good sport.
Now things are looking up and I'm feeling better and we are having more fun now.

We made your first snowman a few days ago! You just kept kicking the snowballs I would try and make for the body, and you would throw snow at my face, haha! I showed you how to make a snow ball and throw it into the snow. We watched a few disappear into the perfect snowy lawn.
At the end of our snowman adventure I told you to give it a kiss.
By the time I had managed to run to the side to try and get a picture, I saw you biting the carrot nose! HAHA! You make me laugh.

As I said, we've been going outside more often. It hasn't been as cold as usual so it's been perfect for a nice walk. We usually go down a block to the temple and back around.

As of now you love "How to Train your Dragon" and dinosaurs, pretty much anything that roars.
You start to react to things you haven't before. If someone burps you will either make a surprised gasp and say "wow!", or you will laugh and cover your mouth with a little hand.
You make funny faces without being asked. I will look over at  your randomly and you will be looking at me out of the corner of your eye, like you've been waiting for me to look at your for forever. Then I do the same face and we both bust up laughing.
When you do get a little rowdy I tell you "if you do that, you go to time out" or if you already know that I say " do you want to go to time out?" Unfortunately... you usually respond with "uh huh!".
If it seems like you are just... flustered with things going on I will say "do you want to go take a break in your room for a bit?" you say yes and run to your room. I'll wait a few minutes and I join you. You seem to feel better and you end up jumping on your bed while I read books out loud to you.

Today we were waiting for Daddy in the car and you started to get restless. I asked you "do you like cats? dogs? fish? bears? dragons?" yes yes yes yes..... Then I asked what your favorite one is. You bark like a dog.
THEN I asked you, "do you like trees? houses? mountains? rocks?" again, you respond yes to all of them. "Which one is your favorite thing?" and even this time, you bark like a dog. HAHA! As you can see, you love dogs.
When we are out for walks you call for dogs (unseen dogs) to come out. I wish they would so you could see them.

Well, we are tired, and you've been waking up throughout the night and coming into our room to visit us so... we better get to bed.
Love you buns.
Love Mommy

p.s. you actually started calling me "mommy"! It's so cute!


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Ambyr Evans said...

She likes "How To Train Your Dragon" because of me. Well. . .kind of?