Taegan's 2nd Birthday

I feel so lame. I have so many events that I want to post pictures of, but I find myself rarely thinking about blogging. Luckily tonight, Shane has a big paper to write and I told him I'd stay up with him for a while.

It's only a bit over a month and a half late :)
Happy Birthday Taegan!!!
You turned 2 this year.
People always say "Terrible Two's", but if you are anticipating it, the "bad" really isn't so bad!
You are pickier about what you eat. You say "no!" more often then before. You like to either do things yourself, or let me know that you don't want to do things.
These things are all just YOU becoming YOU.
Finding out what you like, finding confidence and expressing your opinions.
You are ALSO practically potty trained! You are currently wearing pull-ups. We do a pretty good job at keeping them dry through the day. You smart buns.

I held a two-month old baby the other day. All I could think about is how you were that small once. Just the smallest, most fragile human I'd ever seen.
You couldn't control your eyes, they would just wander, resulting in some of the funniest faces we had ever had the pleasure to see. Your arms and legs would jut out unexpectedly, without any control. We had to hold your head up. We fed you. We bathed you. We loved you.

We still do.
We always will.

You are growing up so fast.
It's been the best 2 years of my life.
I hope you won't ever forget how much we loved and love you still.

Keep growing.
It's okay to say no, that's how we learn.
Even when you refuse to eat your carrots, I just put them in a smoothie later and you devour it, so we both win.
Keep dancing and singing.
Keep jumping on your bed.
Keep feeding your baby dolls "num nums" in your high chair.
Keep pretending to be a cat.
Keep learning new words.
Keep loving books.
Keep hugging us.
Keep loving us.

And we'll keep loving you.
Pinky promise.

Love, Mommy

 Eating birthday breakfast.
 Checking out your birthday present, fishies!

 You are the loveliest.


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Mekenzie @ interiorsbykenz.com said...

You guys are such a perfect and cute family. I hope I can be a good mom like you! Happy birthday Taegan!