Dapher-doo, my first post to you.

Hey Dapher girl :)
This is my first letter to you on here!

You are very special.
You have a soft-sweet voice.
You've brought so much peace and joy since you came here.
I like to think of you as our Dove.

You are 10 months old now, and crawling all over the place!
You are constantly trying to get into Taegan's fairyland/potted plant so you can pull out all the dirt and suck on all the ceramic mushrooms. You KNOW you aren't allowed to do that, so you make a break for it and you don't think I can catch you. But I can :)
If you know I'm watching you, you look back at me with this sly little smile, turn around slowly and then BREAK into the fastest crawl your chubby legs can manage. I've recently thought to lay a kitchen chair down so you can't get to it (Muahahaha!) So now you stand at the stool, staring at the dirt. Then you eventually give up and go pull board books off the shelf.
You know what you want, and you will fight for it.

It's just recent that you've been getting mad, and you are sassy about it when you are!
You love to eat and if someone isn't sharing you will pull their arm toward your mouth.
It took a bit for you to figure out how to get your hand to your mouth to feed yourself food, but for about a month now you have been doing great! Infact, you never stop doing it, and I actually have to keep the floor clean now.

You love your big sister.
Whenever she goes potty she calls your name, "Daph-a-neeeee" and you crawl in there and hang out until she is done.
Taegan will also hide from you and call your name. While you are trying to find her she will burst out of her hiding spot and run at you! You get so excited/scared! You jump up on your knees then start crawling as fast as you can while breathing heavily. If someone is sitting near you, you will crawl up them like a cat to get away from Tae. Haha! I need to get a picture of your face when you two play that game.

You just cut your fifth tooth!!! You have the sweetest little gap between your two front teeth and it makes me melt every time you smile.
Also, you have the cutest cheesy smile and you smile ALL THE TIME!

You love to snuggle when you sleep.
When you are tired during the day you will cuddle, sit up, and slam your head into my chest. You do this over and over and over. That is you fighting sleep.
You are a very cuddly baby :)

You sleep on our bed until we go to sleep, then we move you to your crib that is in Tae's room. (I guess it's your room too). Then at about 3 in the morning you wake up and you come to sleep in our bed.
We love you Dove.


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