Robins and words.

Hello my Tae :)

You are so grown up, especially since last time I wrote!
You talk non-stop.
I love it!
I need to post more about things you say.
But here are a few things to tide you over :)

-"Mommy, my tummy just say 'It's time to go to Grandma Hill's house!'"

- One night we were reading 'Arthurs Baby',
"Why won't Arthur hold baby Kate?"- Tae
"He's probably just nervous because he hasn't held a baby before." - Me
"Come on Arthur!! It's just baby Kate! Ugh!" *palm to forehead*- Tae

- "The doctor said that if I don't like my bed then I just sleep in yours"-Tae

- "What do you want to be when you grow up? -me
"I want to be a mommy..... with BIG BOOBS!!!"- Tae

- You caught a bug in a paper-towel the other day when I couldn't. I told you that you should be proud of yourself and that dad would be proud of you. Ever since then you have been misusing the word "proud"
"Look at those beautiful lights! Wow... I'm so proud!"  (while driving home)
"Mom! The cleaner sprayed good! I'm so proud!!!" (while mopping for me)

I love when you say "I'm so excited!" before you play a game or we go somewhere fun. I need to make sure to get videos of you saying that somehow, you just have the cutest voice. It's unexplainable.

You love playing with your Pinkie Pie, and that is the FIRST stuffed animal you have ever slept with!!! We've been trying to get you to sleep with a stuffed animal or blanket to help you sleep, and it finally happened.
We also started giving you a piece of gum every morning if you stay in your bed until morning. Aunt Debby introduced you to gum and I think you would do anything for it, haha!

Also, your favorite thing to do in the world is chase robin birds. You want to catch them so badly! Everytime they fly away you turn around with a sad face. I honestly don't know what you want to do when you catch one, haha. Maybe I'll ask you tomorrow. Maybe we should buy you a pet bird, but that also sounds terrifying to me.

I love you so much Taegan. You are such a great big sister.
I can't wait to wake up to your lovely bed-head.
Love you Buns.


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