Tiny Tuesday - Heaven and peace

Hey Taego.
Two weeks ago we went to Idaho and visited your Great Grandma Hill's grave.
We heard stories of her and other family members who have passed.
Last week we went to Great Grandma Young's funeral.
They were both such amazing women, and we have stories to tell you.
They left a great legacy.

When we were talking to you about her and what happens when we die I got a big twist in my stomach.
I have always been so scared of death. Not my personal death alone, but death of anyone I love.
I'm not sure if my anxiety makes my fear of death worse, or if my fear of death makes my anxiety worse. But I worry a lot.
I don't want you to be scared. Not just of death but of anything!
Living in fear is not a good way to live.
I'm not saying that you will never be afraid of anything, because that is not realistic.
But don't let fear stop you from doing something important, and don't let it get in the way of living a happy life.

I was telling your wise Uncle Janson about my fear and he mentioned the scriptures. Every time that people in the scriptures kept their covenants they were blessed. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
Did they still have wars? Yes. Did they still have to be brave? Yes. Did the struggle and learn? Yes. Did they still die at the end of their lives? Yes.
But they had no true reason to fear because if you keep your covenants then you will be fine.
If you struggle with fear, or sickness, or any other trial, remember that when you keep your covenants and stay close to Christ, you will be blessed. You will be taken care of. You will be watched over.

The great thing about this Gospel we belong to is that if you are scared or have a question or concern, you can pray. You can personally ask for help and answers.
I do have a testimony that we will be together with our ancestors and people we love again. I work hard to not let my fears bring me down. You do the same, okay?

After we talked to you about how our bodies stay here and our spirits go to heaven you went downstairs and told Robyn and Lizzy that "Bomma Young find peace in heaven."
You are an angel. I need to learn from you.
Love Mommy


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