Waipio Valley and Hope

Every once in a while we will follow Shane and Avery up to work. We usually just hang out by the cars or go to the park while they work in the forests. 
After work, we play.
We usually get malasadas at TEX drive-in. Amazing malasadas... get them warm and you will never be cold again. They warm your soul.

On this particular day we went to Waipio Valley lookout. Usually you can go down into the canyon, but it is currently closed due to Dengue Fever outbreaks. Eep.

 It's really beautiful and we were lucky enough to see a whale coming in and out of the water.
We are going up north again tomorrow so hopefully we will see more whales. :)

I know I've shared this on my Facebook, but while I am here in Hawaii, so many people that I love are heart broken and searching for Harry Fisher.
Harry is on of my best friend's older brother. He grew up right next door to me. He's kind, so smart, and deserves to be found. We really want to find him. Please look at the picture, keep it in mind as you drive around from place to place in Utah and even beyond that! He could have made it far on one tank of gas.
So many people miss him and are heartbroken. We need to find him!

 Harry Fisher is still missing. It has now been a week since anyone in his family has heard from him. PLEASE PLEASE keep a look out for his SUV. It could be in the Draper area as well as Utah Valley.
It is a Tan 1995 Toyota 4-Runner, license plate C13 9HP.
If you have information you can contact the Draper Police Department (801) 576-6300 

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