my children and other updates.

I work at an elementary school, working with the After School Program. I get to work with the Kindergardeners! (is there a correct spelling for that word??). I am excited to go to work every day!!! I just wanted to share some things from my wonderful line of work.
Children are the best. Even though they lie all the time! haha! Everyday someone says "MISS MIN!! she just punched me in the face!"-child "what?! no she didnt, i've been watching you guys for 5 minutes."- me "well she punched me way hard, you missed it!"- child "uh... okay. well dont stand by people who punch you." -me.  
hahaha ah.... I love that, because what else are you supposed to say?? Sometimes I do say something about how we dont punch our friends and we are all friends here, but I dont know how much that does if they never actually punch each other.
My second favorite occurrence is how honest children are. They dont hide their curiosity.
The other day I wore my hair really curly (therefore it was very large). I walk into the school and my favorite asian child says "WOW! Miss Min! What happened to your head!" 
Sigh... its called doing your hair. Hahaha! Some friends at work have told me stories of their own, such as during a bad break out they say "whats wrong with your face?" 
Its just so funny when kids say it, you just cant get mad at them.

Also, as a random update, Shane and I are speaking in church on Sunday! Our topic is Charity. I have 20 mins to talk! Everyone says I can use 5 mins just introducing us haha which I think I will do. The last time I spoke in Sacrament meeting was when I was graduating and you are still considered a teenager, so noone cares if you only take 5 mins. I am still adjusting to people considering me as an adult. Well my mom keeps telling me that people consider me as an adult, but I still dont think people do. Hahaha!

Anyways, hopefully Shane will update on what he is doing soon, cause he could say it better than me. Okay bye! :D


kayla and tyler said...

Wow Miss Min, what happened to your hair!?! haha that is hilarious. and it's true children are way too honest sometimes. there is no filter. haha I had funny things happen like that when I taught sunbeams! so funny!

Jess, John and Carter said...

OK, so when I was putting the kids on the bus today...Mya, who is known for being brutally honest says to me: "Mrs. Jessica, why don't you try that stuff on tv for your face?" Me: "I actually went to the dermatologist a few weeks ago and I am on medicine for it". Mya: "'s not working". Ha ha ha. Working with kids is absolutely the best thing in the entire world, no matter how honest they are. I love working with you so much! ♥