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Right now I'm sitting in what I call "the lab". This is where I spend up to 3 hours of my typical weekday. What do I do here? I utilize the skill we all learn at an early age, counting. --------->Heres an example of what I stare at for 3 hours
We like to call it by a fancier title here, dendrochronology. For of you who don't speak Greek that means the study of tree rings. So to cut it short and less boring, I count tree rings! Needless to say that most exciting moment of my job was when I counted 535 rings from one tree, that means it dated back to the 1450s.
All sarcasm aside it is sometimes interesting to things about the years as basically count backwards through time. I'll keep you updated on exciting events from my work life.
Min and I are having a great time in our new apartment. Most of the time we are watching X-files and doing homework there. Every now and then we test out our new kitchen gadgets and make hot chocolate or cookies which tend to always have something in the recipe that we just happen to not have, such as vanilla or baking powder but we have met our next door neighbors and those below us in search of some charity for a newly wed couple due to our lacking.
This is my life as of right now, I'm happy and ready for another new exciting experience to come my way.

Album-Brothers, The Black Keys
Song- Page Break, Buke and Gass

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