Birfday weekend!

He is now 23 years old. How cute!
To celebrate we first went to Lava Hot Springs and met up with my parents and Janae. It was so fun! We went and ate at the Chuckwagon, ate cake, Shane opened present, went to the hot pools, and watched some X-files, and actually much more than that.
When we got back to Logan, my dear friend Sarah was here! So Shane, Me, Sarah and Megan went to Baby Animal Day! and.... (drumroll please!) I HELD A BIRD!!!! Pictures to come!
Besides holding a bird (one of my greatest fears) we saw tiny turtles, pigs, ponies, chicks and more! The best part is that we left with a little bunny! Yes, you read me right! Sarah bought a bunny for her mom!
The rest of the day consisted of crepe eating, X-Files watching, and playing with bunny.
When Sunday came we went to church, naturally, and then we went over to Jaime and Peter's house! Shane's parents came up for his birthday! We had a delicious dinner of Beef Stew, salad, and Rhodes rolls (the best in town).
We are more cake and opened more presents.
It was just nice to see so much of our family and our friends :).

This is my hawk cake I made, please ignore the gimp wing haha!
And here are some pictures from our adventures of the weekend! :)

Have a great week!
Make the best of the rain!

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