To Minor or Not to Minor, I hate that question...

Hello all! Today is a nice sunny day with a brisk wind that makes it just a BIT too cold to sit outside, but thats okay.
News of the week,
- We had a fun weekend at both of our homes!
- Shane now officially has a summer job and I might get one at the 4-H office.
- Jaime and Peter slept over last night and we watched Tangled while doing math! (haha)
Thats pretty much it!
But yesterday in my art class we drew each other! It was really fun and a nice surprise because we usually just the same things on a still life stand every week.
I'm quite pleased with my work and very proud of myself so I'm going to put my drawing on here!

It looks a lot like her which rarely happens when I draw humans! YAY! (Hair needs help.)
Does this look like me? (I hope my nose isn't that big), But I think it looks good! My art partner drew it :D
So... I want to minor in art...
- Awesome
- Better at art. (I've already improved a lot just from this Drawing 1 class!)
- I want to...

- Long hard classes
- Either more credits per semester or graduate later.
- I'm nervous

Eep... not very sturdy argument is it. Suggestions? Advice? Anything?!?!
p.s. we left our trash on our porch last night and an animal got in it. But it opened the spot where our way nasty old salad was, so.... he didn't eat much and he's probably sick somewhere. HAHA! The poor dear.

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Kayla said...

haha THE POOR DEAR. Min you did great on that drawing of your friend. even though I don't know who it is, I'm sure you got it pretty close to real life! and the drawing she did of you is really good! it captures your hair perfectly, but No your nose is definately not that big. you have a cute WHO nose.