House house house, i love this house...

House hunting is possibly one of my favorite pastimes. I have come to know fairly well from the past few months of searching pointlessly. But NOW, it is not pointless searching! School starts in 5 weeks, and we need to get a move on! (haha get it?)
So today I spent many hours searching through KSL and I have come down to 5 top favorites!
Let me show you :D

1. TIPPY Top Fav.
This one is a LONG shot haha. It was originally $700 a month... ouchy. BUT they have lowered it $15! So hopefully within a week they can lower it to 550 a month including utilities... haha!
Anyways... we emailed them and gave them that offer... we figured we might as well shoot for it! Its been on the market for FOREVER! So here are some pictures!

 Its cute huh! Anyways... This home has:
Off-the-street parking
Two bedrooms
Large Bathroom
Living Room
Parlor / Den / Office
Spacious Laundry room with W/D hookups
New Oven/Range & Refrigerator
New carpet throughout
New flooring in kitchen and bath
New two tone Paint

So NICEEEEE!Still... a LONG shot.

2. Next favorito!
For $550 a month!
The home features large windows, tall ceilings, a fireplace, new laminate flooring and fresh paint.
Cute house! Good yard!
 AWESOME room! If we can fit our bed in here... we're stealing this room. What are your thoughts? Is it a little scary to have a baby in a room with a door and so many windows?
 Nice bath.
 Weirdo kitchen... haha. It looks HUGE and... all one color. But thats fine! I like the rest of it! :D

Sigh... what a dream.

3. Favorito numero tres.
Going for $425 a month! An adorbs yellow house!
 I LOVE THIS ONE! Sigh... only one problem.... its only a one bedroom. But.... it says it has a really big closet. HAHA! Maybe its big enough to make into a baby bedroom. Hahaha! We are funny!
Nothing real special except for how adorbs it is.

4. Number 4
Going for $560 a month, AND this one has 2 bedrooms!
This house is RIGHT across the street from the temple! :D. It is newly remodeled and we only have to pay for electricity which is a real dream! Not to mention it actually has air conditioning (central air no less!) which most houses in Logan do NOT have.
This is the only picture there is... haha! So hopefully the other rooms are cute too!

and last but... kinda least is
I really like this one... BUT its $600 a month and... the outside makes me wanna barf.
Great looking apartment. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 Bath, an on-site laundry, and large windows with plenty of light and off street parking.

This Apartment has:
Off-the-street parking
Two bedrooms
Large Bathroom
Living Room
Shared coin operated laundry

K woof. That is the outside.
 Nice potty room :)
 Cute kitchen and nice floors!

 And good looking bedrooms! Plus new carpet!

Sigh... if only I could demolish the outside... oh well! Its really actually cute :) I do like it more then I let on.

Anyways! Thank you for enduring my love for looking at homes! We are going up to Logan Friday and Saturday to (hopefully) complete the house hunt!
Feel free to leave comments about the house you like most and anything else you'd like to express!

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Maren said...

MarLyn! First of all, congratulations of your baby! So exciting for you guys! Second of all, I LOVE house hunting too!!! So fun. And I like #2 :) SUPER CUTE. good luck!

Cavanaughs said...

Min you can have a one bedroom and a baby. For no longer than a year! Then it sucks. Good luck!

Chelsie said...

Check out also. We looked at a couple that would be good for you and even met some really nice neighbors. This guy posts videos of the apartments/houses so you can get a pretty good idea of what the whole thing looks like.