I can handle cinderblocks.

So... about that last post... forget about it haha! Yesterday we got an email from Aggie Village telling us that we had been accepted and they have a 2 bedroom apartment waiting for us. We applied for Aggie Village at the beginning of the summer as a "last resort" place. Why a last resort? Well... the only time I was there for a bridal shower... it reminded me oddly of a jail cell. White cinderblock. Yep!
However, yesterday while conversing about what we should do, we realized we had less than 24 hours to tell them if we didn't want to move in anymore... which is scary because we haven't found a house yet. We also looked up the rates. Aggie Village is $495 a month, and we only pay for gas. Internet and cable are also included, not to mention its ON campus and they have 2 campus busses running through Aggie Village. So despite my dismay and heartbreak and realization of how much time I spent looking for houses on KSL, we decided to go with Aggie Village. Its a good thing that my husband uses his head and always knows what is the best decision, because if not, we would probably be moving into the most expensive house I could find, haha!
Although I was quite heartbroken last night, I have regained my spunk for decorating! I spent an hour of my two hour lunch break sketching our future rooms and what they (hopefully) will look like! And I'm excited all over again! Okay okay WAY too much talking going on here!
Here is a picture from my tumblr I came across a while ago, which I hope to gain some inspiration from!
Super cool looking! Not to mention I already bought the crates in Logan last time I was there ;D. And the lights will definately be present along with my coat hanger/bodice.
Sigh. So any other idea of how to turn jail cell into awesome, just let me know!
Also, last but not least! This is a picture of a baby, if it were to have Shane's eyes and my mouth.
What do you think?!
He he he...
I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.- albert einstein 


Jenna Chastain said...

I'm sure with your creativity and excellent taste you'll turn your apartment into a beautiful space! I love that picture you found, it looks like how I would decorate if I were in a more permanent home. I love that rural/vintage/handmade style =)

Kara Hill said...

When sam and I lived in married student housing at the u they would let you paint the cinderblocks so long as you painted the back to white before you moved out. I don't know if that helps at all but that green wall in the picture is pretty cute. Good luck I'm sure you'll learn to love it.

Katie & Blake said...

Marlyn! That is totally where I am living now!! You will make it amazing I am sure! I am sure hoping we are in the same ward! You will have to let me know what building you end up in!

Beard said...

Thanks for the good news and comments! Haha. Katie that is awesome! We will be in building 2- A. I'd that in your ward?? I hope so!