Rainy Day...

I've been looking forward to this day a LOT! The first rainy day of Fall 2011!
I love hearing rain fall when I'm laying in bed.
Accomplishments of the day!
-Took care of TONS of paper work for Medicaid!
-Started on more...
-Cleaned kitchen, and bedroom
-Ate Arctic Circle
-Felt Taegan kick and spin around and around
-Bought cool plants!
-Made Blanket Mush Pot
-Played Nintendo
-Ate soup
-Did homework
-Took a nap
And now Shane is making crepes at 11 o'clock at night!
I have pictures of today! They were taken on Shane's phone... so sorry about the quality.
Our blanket mushpot. Combine all blankets and pillows you own into center of floor. Snuggle.
 I wanted to show off my hanging fall leaves I made! You cant see them very well in this one. And notice the small white pots on the window sill...
 Hanging leaves. I put Karo Syrup, and food coloring on paper. Smushed it around and spread it thin, let it dry, and cut leaves out of it! (you probably did that in Kindergarten). Then I strung them on fishing line! Very fall-esque!
 Okay! Here are the plants we bought! They are bulbs, I THINK they are called Holland something bulbs. The man at the store told us he planted these last fall and they came up around Christmas time and looked so cool! So we bought them, bought pretty pebbles and pots at the dollar store, and planted them and put them right by the window! I am really excited to see them grow!
This is what they will look like!
 P.S. While in the blanket mushpot, you MUST be wearing a hat.

Enjoy your week!
I will update on life soon.

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