Epic Day

Yesterday was an epic day. Min and I finished working at the corn maze Halloween night and made a break for West Jordan. Since we arrived at my parents house at around two a.m., we woke up somewhere around noon and got ready for a private show of the leader singer of my favorite band, Thrice. That was an awesome opportunity because we got to meet him and get stuff signed.Straight after my friends and I started heading over to the Saltair where we would see the whole band perform. On the way there the back left tire blew out in the car we were in. There we were stranded on the side of the freeway with Thrice on our minds but no way to get there. Luckily, thanks to the quick thinking of Matt Baugh we got a friend of his to pick us up. At this point I was willing to ride in anything to get there, even the bed of a truck. When our ride pull up We learned that there wasn't enough room in the cab of the truck. I wasn't joking when I said I would be willing to ride in anything to get there. Dustin and I jumped in the back and and laid down trying to think of other things then the wind up our pant legs and shirts. 20 minutes or so later we pulled up. The concert was awesome and well worth all that we went through.

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Kayla said...

how fun! how did you get to have a mini-concert/meet and greet?! did you win something! sorry about the tire blow out! that sucks. I'm glad you made it to the concerto! see ya SATURDAY!