Due to my facebook fast I am currently participating in... by myself, I felt that I had to celebrate this news SOMEHOW, aside from telling everyone  I meet on the bus and texting my mom. So, here we go!!!

ONLY 9 WEEKS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO!!!!!

Can you believe it!? And to think it could be even less than that!!! Oh my goodness!
We feel baby Taegan kicking ALL DAY long! She is approximately 16 inches long (head to feet) and 3.3 pounds, but is due for a growth spurt any time now! (thank you BabyCenter for the info).
I had a WONDERFUL baby shower this weekend, it was so fun to see so many people that I hardly ever get to see! We now have clothes, decor, burp clothes, toys, and much more for her when she comes!
Also, another wonderful thing, I was talking to Jaime today and she mentioned how we still have school, finals, and 2 holidays inbetween, so things will probably cruise much faster than they would otherwise!
Thanks for that Jaime!
One more time.... WOOOOOO ONLY 9 WEEKS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks! Bye!

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Kayla said...

WOOOO HOOOO!!! baby tae tae I can't wait to meet you!!!!