4 weeks and an update.

It has been a LONG time since I did an actual post.
Here is a picture update! Those are much more fun.
 My friend Jake got home from his mission! This means that all our friends are back together again!
 We had Thanksgiving at Shane's parents house. The set up was SO pretty and the food was SO GOOD!

 Here is our first Christmas tree! It was so fun going shopping together and picking out ornaments and stringing the popcorn. Ah. So fun.

 Also, craft achievement! I finally made my wickerball lights!!! I'm so happy with them.
My husband is cute :D

Now we only have 4 weeks left until Taegan's due date! I'm trying to be patient. Haha. I'm writing to do lists of what I need to get done before she comes. I have a list of baby things we still need to get, and also a packing list so I can pack our hospital bags. I know... we live like 2 minutes away from the hospital. But it would be nice to have MOST of everything we'll need right there. Less trips home for Shane. :)
She's getting SO BIG and I'm getting so sore! Haha. We can't wait to meet this tiny baby!
Love MarLyn

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