Mommy skills.

New skills I'm gaining from being a mom. Let's begin.
- Bouncing at all times while standing.
- Rocking while sitting AND standing.
- Eating cereal with my left hand.
- Waking in the night, and miraculously not remembering anything the next morning.
- Getting dressed, putting on makeup, and doing an up-do uber fast.
- Talking "baby talk" for over 8 hours consecutively.
- Falling asleep while feeding baby, sitting upright, and reading.
- Singing songs.
- Kissing faces.

I hope to continue to get better at these things, and hope to gain more skills... more along the lines of good parenting. Haha.
The time goes by so fast. I was blown away the other day when I realized it was the 23rd of January!!! I'm guessing that is just how things go until I get the hang of things.
I love my tiny baby. She is so beautiful and makes both of us SO  unbelievably happy.

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