Hey! Our first Flashback Friday!
I looked through tons of pictures and decided to flashback to the night that Shane and I first hung out. I chose this because it's the closest picture I have to the day I first saw Shane.
Let me describe this particular night really quick.
We all went to Angie's together to Clean the Sink!
 There's Shane, with some of his roomies.
Here I am with some of my roomies!
It was a really fun night!

August 2009
Now, the first time I saw Shane. I was getting dressed for a volleyball game I was running late for. When I was ready I burst out of my room and there he was... standing at the end of the hall with the nicest stubble I've ever seen. He was wearing his old brown hat. I froze, and watched him. He was talking to my roommate Nicole and his roommate Jorge. They were just standing, laughing and talking, but it was all slow motion to me. I SWEAR it was just like it was in the movies! I think I was standing there for 10 minutes. Then, much too soon, I was snapped out of that glorious moment by my phone ringing, my friend was calling because I was taking forever to get the our volleyball game. Reluctantly I turned away from him, and smiled really big, then ran downstairs. 
I seriously remember it PERFECTLY! If only I was better at describing what I see in my mind. Haha.
Well! There ya go! Our first Friday Flashback!
:) farewell.

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Kayla said...

this is so cute!! my favorite line was that he had the best stubble you have ever seen! haha you guys are so funny! I like hearing stories like this because you were living in Logan when you and shane were dating, so I didn't get to hear much! i like this!