Tiny Tuesday... eep. Tiny Wednesday.
Today was also my amazing husbands birthday!
Our day went as follows.
Wake up.
Cuddle with Tiny.
Shane goes to work, and I tell him to not come home until 1:00.
Take Taegan to Andrea's house to babysit.
Go home, prepare Nerf guns and war paint.
Shane arrives home EARLY!
Shane needs to use the restroom.
I cover Shane's eyes with Taegan's jacket, and walk him to the restroom.
He is done, and I escort him back to the front door.
I tell him to sit by the car until I knock on the window.
I leave his gun, extra ammo, and a note telling him to arm himself.
I knock on the window.
I run to the back door and hide behind it.
Shane opens the door.
I shoot him and miss horribly.
Then we had an amazingly fun Nerf gun war in the backyard.
Ending with Shane tackling me, placing his foot on my back and taking his last shot.
HAHA! It was so fun!

Next activity? Beto's with Shane's birthday money.
Then we pick up Tae and go and buy Shane's birthday present. A harmonica, a harp holder, and a lesson book on how to play harmonica! He's gonna play harmonica, guitar and sing. :) What a talented guy.

The rest of the day included cuddling, reading books to Tiny, cleaning, baking a cake and frosting it (Shane's fav, yellow cake and rainbow chip frosting).
At 6:30 Jaime, Peter and the girls came over to have pizza, cake and ice cream! It was a really fun night :).
I'm so grateful for my husband. He's so talented. He's so handsome. He's so smart.
I love him :)

and HERE my friends is Tiny Tuesday...
Dear Taegan.
You are growing SO FAST! It is amazing that you are 3 months old now. You kick, smile, flail your arms, yell, and goo. I can't believe not long ago that you were so small... we just held you all day and you slept and ate.
Now we wake up to you making funny goo's in your crib. We walk in, you look up and give us the biggest smile, then shake your head back and forth. Daddy sings songs to you and plays guitar for you everyday. We cuddle and read books.
You are now about 14 pounds! You big girl! Your legs are the most adorable things... and you have such tiny feet. Your big toe is... sigh... the CUTEST big toe ever. It has so much cush on it. Your eyes are still pretty dark. They are a gorgeous dark blue/grey color. The hair on the top of your head is so long! When its wet its curly too :) maybe you'll have hair like momma!
Next step, grabbing things, intentionally.
You are great at grabbing. Anything that brushes your hand you grab! Not to mention your razor sharp nails, that could pierce steel, no matter what I do. You have a really strong grip. Everyday, I run your hands over different textured things and I hold pretty things in front of you. :) You flail your arms and make sounds. Haha, you are so cute.
We love you so much.
Love Momma and Pappa

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Kayla said...

oh my gosh! this is adorable! min, you are such a nice wife and such a good mom! haha I love what you did for Shane's birthday! it sounds like he is so easy to please - that's a good thing! I hope shane had a wonderful day! and I love all the stuff you wrote about Tae, she is such a beautiful baby.