I'm loving this good weather, green grass and perfect temperatures. While babysitting Lizzy and Robyn we decided to go outside and enjoy the weather. Tae just played in her carseat because of the wind.
 Working on my photoshop skills.

 Oh thank you Lizzy for helping Tae with her headband!

Also! I am SO HAPPY that Droid has Instagram now! Follow me! Minnie2A

I have been thinking of new ideas for the blog. I'm thinking of doing  few themed days! I've mentioned doing this before, but never ended up doing them. But things change (scratch that, everything changes) when you have a baby. Even your blog. I don't want to have a theme everyday, because that would be really tedious. I'm thinking Music Monday, (hopefully manned by Shane),  Tiny Tuesday (tiny as in MY Tiny, aka Taegan :)), and Flashback Friday. I'll keep doing updates on our life though!!! So don't worry, I know that is your favorite thing about the blog, haha.

Well, I have more to write about but I need to take pictures, so until then, goodbye!


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Kayla said...

I love the idea of Music Monday, Tiny Tuesday, and Flashback Fridays. please do them!!! and the twins are so cute! TAE IS SO CUTE!!! I love the pic of her headband squished on her eyes. chub baby