What is one of the hardest parts about parenthood? Probably... when your baby is crying and you don't know why. Is she sick? Does she have a bubble? What could possibly be wrong?
Taegan is an incredible sleeper, (atleast from stories of other babies, haha) We are really lucky to have such a good sleeper. But that past few nights, when its time for bed, she gets so upset. She is usually fine while being held, but she flips when we lay her down. Tonight we tried a new approach. Daddy plays guitar and sings to baby Tae. IT WORKED! Luckily I have such a smart and talented husband :). While Shane sang and strummed soft songs to her, I sat on the floor. I began to feel frustrated, but I luckily stopped myself.
I asked myself, "MarLyn, what would you be doing if Tae had fallen asleep peacefully an hour ago?" "Probably watching Big Bang Theory with Shane." I responded to myself. "Okay, although that is fun, are you going to remember that in a few years?" "No...." I responded again. "You're right! It isn't motherhood with out some nights like this. And this is a story you can tell Tae when she's older... this is special, TV is not."
It was a good night. Taegan is now sleeping peacefully, lulled to sleep by her amazing father.
And NOW we are watching TV.
I love being a mom.

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