Tiny Wednesday (again).
Hey Taegan :)
Today was a bit of a rough day. You had to get your 4 month shots. After they gave them to you, Daddy held you until you stopped crying. Your little face and eyes were so red, ah... poor baby.

But we DID find out how you are growing!
Weight- 90%
Height- 30%
Head- 70%
Atta girl! You are growing so big and ... not super tall, haha but that is just fine!
I wonder if you will be shorter than me. You have such tiny feet. But we will just have to see :)
I'm kind of a crazy Momma. Me and Daddy bought a dog yesterday! We are still debating his name...
I bought him mostly because he looked so adorable. But I also didn't want you to be like me. I am so scared of animals!!! I don't like it. I love animals, and I think they are gorgeous and I like to learn about them, but if I get too close to them, I freak out. (mostly with birds). Right now our puppy likes to bite, just because he is a puppy. And I'm so scared to hold him and play with him. But I didn't want you to be like me. I wanted you to grow up with an animal so you can be brave and confident around them and have fun :). I can't wait to see how close you and puppy get :)
Today was also the first day you tried rice cereal!!!

You didn't get much of it down because you spit it out a lot and would start crying (darn shots :(). But we will try again tomorrow :).
I love you so much Tae. I can't imagine our lives without you. You grow so fast, make us smile all day. There is nothing I love more than cuddling with you. Soon you will be on the move and not like cuddling much, so we need to cuddle as much as we can :)
We're moving tomorrow! It will be crazy, but we can do crazy. After the next 2 days, we can calm down, and have some extra snuggle time.
I love you Tae.
Love Mommy

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Kayla said...

that picture of her eating makes me sad, I'm pretty sure I can see her tear stained face! poor baby tae!!! she is growing up! I love her. min you are such a good mom! I can't wait to spend ALL day on friday with you guys! yaya yayayya!