Cloth Diapering... the beginning.

Hello all! I have a few friends who are wondering about my Cloth Diapering Quest!
Here is the beginning of my saga... may it end well.
I ordered 12 diaper shells and 24 blend (microfiber and bamboo mix) inserts.
One HUGE mistake I made was not understanding that a Pocket diaper (Sunbaby diapers are pocket diapers) are made so you slip an insert into a pocket. When baby goes boom boom, you have to wash the whole diaper. I was under the impression that the mess would only get on the insert, so I could just replace it with a new insert. I was wrong, but I'm still just as excited about these diapers. :) TIP- a lady on the facebook page said that if you get the bamboo inserts, you can put them against baby's bare bum and it will be fine... thats a good way to save on cleaning diapers too!

I opened my Sunbaby diapers late last night. To tell you the truth, I was surprised to see the packaging. It was wrapped in a bag and taped, haha! I was a bit sketched out by it. But you have to realize that they shipped from China and the shipping was FREE! haha. So I went on and opened it and I loved hat I saw!

1. In some reviews I saw a lot of comments about the outside fabric looking and feeling "cheap", but I don't think that at all!
The fabric is smooth and soft on the inside and out!
2. One thing that stood out to me was the snaps seem... fragile? They are plastic snaps rather than metal. So when I open them, I try to be somewhat gentle. I'm sure I won't keep doing that because you seem to care less the longer you have them :). These diapers were $5 per diaper, so you can't have it all. I'm still extremely impressed with them!
3. I was really worried about the washing. I've heard that you have to use really special and probably expensive detergent for cloth diapers. I looked on this website that I was referred to on the I Love Sunbaby Diapers facebook page. On this website you can see what detergents are good and... not so good to use. I'm using ALL Free and Clear, which according to the website is alright. I'm beginning a search for the other types of ALL that are better.

To wash my diapers and inserts to get any chemicals or... whatever out of them, I did a cold rise, HOT wash, and another cold rinse. Then I air dried the shells, and put the inserts in the dryer. TIP- try and wring out the inserts as much as you can. I had to put the inserts in the dryer 2 times and then still had to air dry for a while.
I was SO EXCITED to put one on Tae! When I did it took a minute to discover which snaps would fit her right, but when we got it right I fell in love! 
It goes pretty far up her little back, which I'm sure helps with leaking. The elastics on the sides were nice and snug. 
They will definitely fit her when she's two. My five year old niece Sharlette even tried them on and they kinda of fit! Haha, she is so funny and cute. 

As I type, Tae is wearing a cloth diaper. My prayer is that it holds everything in, and keeps moisture away from her tiny cute bum.
I'll keep ya updated.


Miss Jenna said...

If your detergent doesn't work well in getting stains out, I have a recipe for homemade laundry detergent. It's the kind I use, and I got it from my friend who used cloth diapers on her kids, and she said that the detergent would work well on anything since it worked so well on her diapers. If you're interested in the recipe Email me:
It's also REALLY cheap! So much cheaper than any store bought detergent. I made one batch, still have extra ingredients to make another batch, but one batch lasts FOREVER!!

braids said...

Awesome! I'll write you today or tomorrow for that! That is a much better idea than searching for better detergent. haha

Brookel said...

I use all free and clear, any free and clear is fine. I did use Charlie'ssoap for awhile but it's so freaking expensive. The snaps are all plastic thAt I've ever seen so don't worry about those breaking. To get yellow breAstmilk stains out hang diapers and inserts and any other clothes too in the sun. I am very interested in Jenna's detergent recipe. Oh and because it makes their cute booties a little bigger I have always bought the next size up in pants to accomodate them. Do you have a smaller sized insert for nap times and bedtimes?

DiaperedCutie1 said...

does Sharlette still wet the bed?

braids said...

Sharlette doesn't wet the bed, she wasn't actually wearing diapers, she just put it on to be funny.