05/16/2012 Music and Tiny Wednesday

EEP!!! What an aweful blogger I am.
Here is music Monday.
This is The Shins. This song is on their new album. They are also coming to concert next week... sigh... if only we had $90 to blow on something, haha.

Also, I'm looking for a GUEST to do Music Monday next week! If you want to do it, just email me, mlg.yourfavbuddy@gmail.com. Also, if you do Music Monday, please keep the music clean. Haha.

As for Tiny Tuesday, I'm just going to post some pictures because we need to get ready for Uncle Janson's wedding tomorrow!!! WOO!
 An adorable video of you gooing and giggling.
 Sweet potatoes!
 Rice cereal!

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mandy dominici said...

I love that little butterball!