Why I'm insane.

This could be a very long post, but I'll shorten it because none of us have that kind of time.
Most recent reason that proves I'm insane.
I bought a puppy.
Yes, infact I DO have a 4 month old child also.
And yes, we did just move.
again, yes, I am frightened by dogs... and most other animals if they get too close.

Conclusion. I am insane.
You know when you are thinking about something fun or new and you only look at the positive aspects of it? Wait... am I the only one that does that?? haha! I might be. Here is what I was thinking when I wanted to buy the puppy.
- Oh my gosh! Tae and the puppy can be best friends! It will be so cute!
- We can go on family walks! It will be so cute!
- Shane will have a dog, and he will be so happy! He will be so cute!
- I will overcome my fear of dogs and I will snuggle with it! It will be so cute!
- He will add an adorable element to our family pictures we are getting this summer! They will be so cute!
- We will all grow old together and it will be so cute!

Sigh... it's interesting thing.... writing down your thoughts... I end up feeling short sighted. Haha.

Good news is, 2 nights after we got him, late at night, I cried. (Surprise surprise). I said "dogs are supposed to decrease anxiety... (sob sob sob) but he is makes mine a millions times worse... (sob sob sob)" After Shane calmed me down he told me that the doggy would be his responsibility. Dah... what a man I have. How lame am I!? I ask Shane if we can buy a dog and he tells me that it's hard, especially at first. I tell him I can handle it, then I freak out because I can't, so he says he will take care of it. Haha... what a lame wife/dog owner.
BUT there is good news! I do think that our puppy (Gianni... Italian version of Johnny) is really adorable! Sometimes when he runs he does this hop/skip thing. Ah. It's so cute... and he is really cute when he is sleeping. I also have mastered the skill of picking him up around his ribs, holding him away from me, and taking him outside to pee instead of in the house. I even did it when he was in a biting mood today! WOO HOO! Progress. Also, I dreamt that I held him close to my body, so that's gotta be some sort of sign right? :)
I hope you enjoyed this. In all honesty I bought him because 1. He is adorable. 2. I didn't want Taegan to grow up like me... afraid of dogs and every other animal. 3. Shane wanted a dog, not necessarily now, but one day. 4. Let's be honest... our family pictures really will be adorable.

Luckily I have a great Mother in law who helps me with him while Shane is at work! THANK YOU! And I  have great nieces and nephews who play with him and wear him out so he just sleeps most of the time he is inside. Haha!
Ah funny times.
I'll get a good picture of Gianni soon.


Kayla said...

hahahah I am laughing so hard right now at the thoughts you wrote down. I promise you min, i was in the exact same boat! just be patient, when Johnny gets a little bit bigger, it gets easier - especially when he gets out of the biting stage, it's a puppy thing! watch, one day you will love johnny!! cause I would be so sad if we didnt' have barry and molly, I cry even thinking about it. I've done a complete 360 when it comes to my dogs, and you will too! just give it time :) PS. Shane is such a nice husband!

mandy dominici said...

I was super puppy sick when we got Lucy! Sometimes I wonder why I wanted her so bad. She is just as much work as Ari! Last night I watched Ari play with her and say "Lucy, come on, let's play." And it made me glad she is a part of our family. Puppies are hard, he will mellow out, and I am sure Shaners will train him good. Tae will love him!

Cyrenique said...

Sorry.... this has nothing to do with your post but....

Wanna play blog tag? Cuz you've been tagged! :D