05/22/2012 Tiny Tuesday

Hey Baby Girl-
You are doing so many new things! You grabbed your toes a lot today, you make sounds and smile.
Daddy took you on the tramp the other day and you loved it! You were smiling the whole time and laughed a lot. You love to go outside, no matter where you are at. We went on a walk tonight because you took a late nap and didn't want to sleep. You loved looking around. You laughed a few times when we would pass a street sign... haha, I'm not sure why you think they are so funny. But I love to hear you laugh. Grandpa Hill takes you out to look at the chickens. I'm sure you can't stop staring.
You are losing some of your chub (noooooo!), but you are still so adorable :). You look so big now... it's crazy! I saw this picture today
You are so tiny... ah. Your legs are so small, and you keep your hands to your face. You still do that when you are sleeping :). You are the most beautiful girl in the world.
Then there is this picture...
You are leaning up against the ottoman with your strong legs! You make the greatest faces! Especially when you yawn. You look like you're gonna attack someone, haha!
Soon we will take you swimming :) you have the MOST adorable swimming suit! You have also tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, and peaches! Naturally, you love them all.
And I love you.
~Love mommy

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Kayla said...

i love tiny tuesdays. they are so cute! and it always shows how much you love Taegan and I love that. it's so sweet.