More Cloth Diapers

I've had more questions about how I manage with the cloth diapers.
I thought I'd show pictures rather than just talk a ton. (sorry about the really poor quality pictures)

Storing. I keep the diapers in a diaper holder my mom made me.
 I pre stuff the diapers with inserts so I don't have to do it right when my baby is naked and needing a diaper in a rush. I keep the extra inserts at the bottom. (we use and extra insert at night).

After she soils them, we rinse them out with cold water in the sink, put a little bit of soap in them, rub together, and rinse again and ring them out. Then we put it in this bucket in our bathroom until its time to wash! It doesn't smell, and doesn't mold. 
 Wash/dry. After I wash them, I put the inserts in the dryer. It usually takes 2 rounds in the dryer, so we try and do another load right behind it so we can dry more clothes with them.
I hang the diaper shells in the window. I hung fishing line with thumb tacks, haha. Pretty easy, and you could go further with it and make it cute. Also, the sun helps get diaper stains out :)

 When we are out and about, we do the same rinse, but store the diapers in a little plastic bag.
These bags have really cute holders/dispensers that you can attach to your diaper bag. I bought these refills at Target, you can get the holders there too. We just tie them off, then keep them in the diaper bag until we get home. Then we put them in the bucket.

We also bought more diapers, so we don't have to wash so often or run out and have to resort back to disposables.

- Free shipping.
- Cheap, one time cost.
- Really cute patterns!
- Last/ fit until baby is 2 years old.
- They offer 2 sizes, one for chubbier babies, one for thinner babies.
- We have not had any diaper rash when we use cloth diapers.
- Soft material for baby.
- I haven't had a SINGLE poo blow out since using these diapers!!! WOO! No more washing, rinsing and bleaching onesies!
- If we don't button the leg holes tight enough, we have had some pee leak. But I'd rather have pee leak than poo.
- Washing a few times a week (depending on how much your baby goes potty and how many diapers you have.
- Using them on the road can be interesting with storing them before and after she's used them.

Overall, I love them, and would highly recommend them.

That is the website!
We bought size 2 because Tae is a chunk :)
The first purchase we got 12 diapers and 24 inserts. It seemed like that was too many inserts... and we didn't know what to do with them. But then we figured out that we need to use them at night.
The other day we bought 12 more diapers and 12 more inserts :)
Just so you know, they have REALLY cute fabric.

Hope this helped!

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