Tiny Tuesday 05/29/2012

Hey Tiny.
You are sleeping after having a rough day. Yesterday we fed you avocado for the first time! It was fun to see your face while licking it down.
But... apparently your tummy didn't like it as much as your tongue and shirt did. After we put you to bed you got sick and threw up a few times. :( my poor tiny. I held you so close and you felt right to sleep, completely exhausted. This morning it seemed like you felt better, but you were really tired. So hopefully you sleep good tonight and we can start our fun over again tomorrow :)

You reach for things ALL the time! You are even starting to reach for the spoon when we feed you. You talk more and more each day. You are growing out of your clothes width wise... but the pants are always a bit long on you, haha. You are so adorable. You even rolled over for the FIRST TIME! (I love firsts :)) On Sunday we were at Grandma and Grandpa Goodrich's house and you rolled over from your back to your tummy! AH! I was bursting with happiness! I bounced up and down while we watched you keep trying over and over. You are so strong :). You scoot around now too! Not in  a line, but in a circle. You'll be playing under your toys, then I leave the room and come back and your head is where your feet were a few minutes ago. Haha! It makes me laugh so hard. You like to watch The Backyardigans, and I quite enjoy it myself, especially Pablo the Penguin.
Songs we sang today...
-Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam
-The Princess Pat
-Turtle in the Tub
- 5 Speckled Frogs
- Crazy Elephant
Actually... we sing these everyday.
Books we read today...
- "Are you my mother?"
- "Z is for Zoo"

 We bought you some baby hair clips :) another first.
 And the first time having painted toe nails! :D
Look at that lush hair. haha. You are so cute Tiny. I love waking up to you.
~Love Mommy

p.s. I know these pictures are bad... if I don't have an iphone or the equivalent by the time you can read this, we NEED to have a family council.

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