Books I'm Reading

I love reading. And once I'm done watching Bones (almost done!) I'll read more because I won't be tempted to watch it! I thought I'd share what books I've been reading.
1. Raising Up a Family to the Lord. 
My parents gave me this book for my birthday. They said that the LOVE it and read it a hundred times through the years. I love it so far. It's nice to use during scripture study.
 2. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.
My cousin Zoey told me about this book, and my sister in law read it too! It is really interesting! They have tons of facts about sleep and they give you a plan to go by to get your baby on a great sleeping schedule. A girl I talked to who also read it said that it helped her with her sleeping habits too. Hopefully it works that way for me :D haha.
 3. Developmental Parenting
Super Child Development Nerd. This is actually a text book for one of my classes this Fall, but when I saw the title... I got SO excited that I had to get it early and read it! :) It's good thus far.
After I'm done with the sleeping baby book I'm hoping to start reading a classic or fantasy/adventure. Any good ones out there?


Brookel said...

i was going to give you a few more good parenting books, i'm reading a ton of great ones right now. i read happiest toddler on the block almost two years ago and wished i had known about it when i had just Eden. also i just read Step, it looked like a class curriculum, it was great too, S.T.E.P. systematic-something -something parenting :)

braids said...

Thank you so much! I just finished Happiest Baby on the Block and loved it!