Dear Mom.

Dearest Mommy. I now understand how frustrating it must have been when you tried to get us to clean up before we left town. I remember thinking and saying 'Mom! We are going out of town! Why would you want the house clean when you aren't going to be here?' Oh how naive I was. I now know that having a decently clean house before you ship off somewhere has got to be one of the most peaceful feelings. It's true, no one will see it. But just knowing that it has the potential to be clean, knowing that when you get home and try to get everyone unpacked it will be a little less insane just because the stack, of dishes are done, or the laundry was put away.
So again, thank you Mom. Thank you (and Dad) for having the heart and patience to take us on trips, despite the huge pain in the bum it can be, either on the trip, or while preparing. We have all have amazing and fun memories of those family trips together. Thanks for having that patience that I hope to have more of. I don't get mad, but I get antsy and stressed about leaving without everything in place. I hope I can be like you some day.
Love Min.
P.S. seriously though, how did you stand the stress with 4 kids?! I only have one 9 month old!

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